USA Top 10 E-Commerce Websites for Online Shopping

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USA Top 10 E-Commerce Websites for Online Shopping

It is no secret that ecommerce has exploded. It has truly come into its own and the industry has grown beyond the bounds of giants like Amazon. Today, many of the nation’s top retailers also rank as top ecommerce companies. From clothing to medications and supplements, technology to home furnishings, almost anything imaginable can be bought online and shipped right to a customer’s home.

An incredible range of different ecommerce stores has sprung up and some of the nation’s top ranked online stores have either no physical outlet or their online sales far surpass what their brick and mortar locations generate. Of course, you will find some very well-known names on the list – companies like Wal-Mart and Target dominate both the general retail and ecommerce categories. Interestingly, at least in terms of sales volume, Wal-Mart outperforms That might come as a surprise to some who picture Amazon as the most profitable company in the U.S. (they do dominate in terms of online sales, but Wal-Mart outperforms Amazon in total profitability by a significant margin).

What are the top ecommerce companies in the U.S. in 2019? According to several different online sources, the top-ranked 10 companies are as follows


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